Our Mission

To bridge, market and brand Australian businesses with the local prosperous and fast growing Chinese market, thus establishing their product image.

To bridge local Chinese and Australian main stream society. Assisting Chinese to be involved and adapt to the Australian way of lifestyle; introducing the essence of traditional Chinese culture to Australian main stream.

Our Reach

At New Land Magazine, our AB readership knows how to appreciate the finest that life has to offer. Our distribution channels are carefully selected to ensure our magazines can be enjoyed by our target audience, and ultimately yours as well.

With a monthly circulation of 20,000 copies audited and an estimated readership of 80,000, advertising in New Land is sure to make an impression on your target audience.

Our Target Market

Targeting predominantly upper-middle and upper-class Chinese migrants and their families, New Land reaches a highly sought after audience.

We enjoy strong, increasing subscriptions, on-line readers and SNS followers. As well as being available in newsagencies Australia-wide, New Land is carried by selected hotels, high-end restaurants and fashion boutiques for their premium clientele.

New Land Magazine & Website

As Australia’s largest Chinese magazine, New Land Magazine provides a gateway for the Asian community into the Australian lifestyle, culture and customs.

Launched in 2004, New Land prides itself on quality journalism and its ethical stance. As a family lifestyle magazine, its content is centred around real-life stories of both past and present, embracing everything from Ancient Chinese tales of wisdom to the finest Australian restaurants, travel destinations, fashion and more.

With a striking layout, quality printing, 80,000 plus readership, popular website clicks and fast growing SNS followers, New Land magazine is no wonder the best media for discerning businesses to brand and target wealthy Chinese.

Unique, timeless and inspirational, New Land Magazine will spearhead your entry into one of Australia’s most prosperous market.

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