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The lifestyle makes the biggest difference between Australian cities and Chinese cities. Spacious houses are spread all over Australia and owning one has become a dream goal of many. After a hectic day, the home offers you the sweetest retreat to relax and have a rest. How life can be more perfect if your home came with a beautiful scenery, a delicate garden and cosy outdoor sofas.

Owning such a pleasant wonderland is one of the dreams of the Aussie high-quality lifestyle. This would be the perfect place for you to enjoy a brunch with your friends at weekends, or to hold a birthday party for your children.

When you finally realize your dream and get such a house, the next problem would be to make a wise choice on your furniture. How do you select a set of outdoor furniture which can both level up the elegance of your house and withstand the harsh weather such as the scorching summer and the fierce storms in the winter?

Here comes the solution: OSMEN, a local brand with 15 years’ experience in selling furniture.

The OSMEN group was founded in 2000 in Australia and became the most influential manufacturer, designer, importer and wholesaler for outdoor furniture in this decade.

If you enjoy visiting furniture stores, you will find branches of OSMEN in Alexandria Home Centre, Artarmon Home HQ Centre and Belrose Supa Centre as well as one showroom at Smithfield.

Take a walk in these stores and you will be embraced by the feeling of warmth of a loving home or be reminded of a peaceful nature surrounding you. You might never want to leave given your impulse of wanting to take everything home with you before leaving the store. There is a plethora of choice, to ensure you find the perfect piece for your needs. No matter whether you are looking for cute retro cabinets or specially designed Jewellery Drawers with hand painted patterns on them, or stunning pieces of European designer furniture, OSMEN has everything you need.

Unique Experience

Australians are well-known for favouring a relaxed, casual lifestyle and this country is gifted with its pleasant climate and environment. To add even more splendour to this attractive lifestyle, OSMEN can provide you with exquisite furniture of high quality and unique style to match this climate.

OSMEN is the company which has proudly introduced the hanging chair to Australia, which basically discovered and started a new market niche for lovers of this chair, captivated by its incredibly comfortable swinging design that can bring you back to your childhood days of not having a care in the world. How they loved to relive this experience again. They sold over 1000 hanging chairs in the first year of introduction, which quickly established their brand within Sydney. Now OSMEN is a furniture brand at the forefront the industry with the most comprehensive collections of hanging chairs throughout Australia.

When you enter the shop, you will feel it is an incredibly relaxed atmosphere, where beautiful plants hang just above your head and gorgeous candles and little trinket decorations can be a sweet surprise you would want to replicate in your home. Here you will find masterpieces created by the world’s top 10 designers collected in this shop.

One of the top world famous designers for Home is Roberto Serio, who has designed the popular range, Pad Collection and now the the new highly acclaimed Patch Collection as part of a collaboration with furniture manufacturer Talenti and is exclusively stocked at OSMEN.

Roberto Serio
Roberto Serio

“Roberto Serio is a designer devoted to an overwhelming research of new materials and to a creative genius that allow him to fully work in the fashion, industrial and interior design world. He certainly has various interests, but he is especially attracted to all the aspects of the art expression and communication. He is firmly convinced that you can reach the best results only with the height of passion and determination. He devotes himself to creations in general believing that creativity is the mean to spread thought.”

Superior Quality

Australia has the most comfortable climate. Feeling the sea breeze while drinking chilled alcohol is the best thing during the hot summer. But hot sun and strong sea winds are also big challenges to the design of outside furniture needs to meet.

Being tested for decades, all of OSMEN’s furniture can stay in the best condition under these weather conditions, which well positions this experienced brand to meet these challenges and is highly recommended by Australian customers.

The wicker chair is the champion product of quality. The OSMEN range is made with some of the best water resistant technology available and includes unique quick dry foam cushions, which makes it incredibly comfortable and stays dry even after rain.

Imagine you and your family are having a great dinner in a cool summer night, with the company of wonderful friends. There’s a special table they recommend called the Corona in Boatlook finish which stands for the best quality at OSMEN. With special treatment applied during the manufacturing process to  help protect the wood from the strong Australian sun and rain, the Corona requires less maintenance than other outdoor tables, saving you time needed to maintain it.

Superior Quality
Superior Quality

Every piece of furniture at OSMEN is hand made with the best materials specifically made for the outdoors, for example Sunbrella material is an industry favourite. This is a special technology premium material, designed to keep your seat cushions dry and water resistant. All of these features are available in the best quality furniture brought to you by OSMEN.

Stylish design

OSMEN is well known for its outstanding design and quality as a leader in the outdoor furniture market. They work hard to scour the world for the best in European design to introduce to Australia. And so, you won’t find these pieces stocked anywhere else, they are only at OSMEN.

You can always count on OSMEN Outdoor Furniture to help you create a comfortable and appealing place to come home too. Say hi to a casual, cosy, pleasant space where you can fully enjoy the calmness and joy brought by the decor of your home.

Everything here will bring you inspiration, OSMEN can help you create a luxurious atmosphere in your yard, balcony, outdoor area and terrace. Even a single decoration is full of love and sweetness and can help make your home gorgeous. This is the story of discovering OSMEN, where there are many more surprises and great products to come, to help you find inspiration for turning your home into a stunning place to live and let you build the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Take your time to really have a visit one of OSMEN stores. OSMEN has 4 branch shops in Alexandria, Artarmon, Belrose and Smithfield.

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