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As we continue our journey around the globe,  we stop in Lüneburg, Germany to study the living history of woven outdoor furniture industry, before we make our way to Cebu, the Philippines to see how DEDON combines world’s finest craftsmanship with modern technology.

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“25 years is not a long time in most businesses. In ours, though, it’s practically forever. That’s because, simply put, there was no woven outdoor furniture industry before DEDON came along.”



Industry Pioneer
Driven by the passion of innovation, Bobby Dekeyser, founder of DEDON, was determined to find ways to combine modern technology with traditional hand-craftsmanship. As an outdoor enthusiast it was no surprise that his discoveries were used to create a fresh look for outdoor living.

After 25 years of setting standards for quality, artistry, innovation and design , DEDON today is still the pioneer in the woven outdoor furniture industry.


To accomplish the dream of creating a new kind of outdoor furniture that withstand all weather conditions, DEDON was the first to introduce a synthetic fiber to the furniture world: an unrivaled outdoor furniture material that is not only strong, durable and weather fast, but also provides unlimited color options and finishes.
Until today, the spirit of innovation continues to drive DEDON to make the fiber better and better.

03Truly Global
While employing centuries-old craftsmanship in Cebu, the Philippines, traditional weavers transform DEDON Fiber from a simple material into a whole range of furniture masterpieces: from ORBIT to NESTREST to TIGMI and more.
With headquarters in Germany, production facilities in the Philippines, subsidiaries in the US and Dubai, offices in Hong Kong, showrooms and representatives around the globe, and some 1,000 employees working for the company worldwide, DEDON is truly an international brand.


Premier Quality
“Whatever we do, it has to be our best, and it all begins with our fiber.” This is the spirit that explains DEDON’s extreme obsession of quality.

To retain the highest quality of the DEDON Fiber, the production lines of these patented furniture material are kept in Germany, as well as the research projects and quality control.

At the same time, DEDON oversees all aspects of its products’ creation, ensuring that every piece of woven furniture represents the perfect mix of centuries-old craftsmanship and modern technology.

(from left to right) SWINGREST Hanging Lounge, RAYN Daybed, DALA Lounge Chair and Stool, Slim Line 3-Seater Lounge, dedon.de
(from left to right) SWINGREST Hanging Lounge, RAYN Daybed, DALA Lounge Chair and Stool, Slim Line 3-Seater Lounge, dedon.de

DEDON’s very first showroom will be launched in Sydney. Don’t miss out the grand opening and these amazing pieces of art.


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