A Devotion to Technology and Style in the Kitchen

Appliance manufacturer Smeg is celebrating their latest release, the Classic.


The Classic’s cooking cavity operates without the constant in-take of external air. A unique and energy-efficient system in the cavity enables humidity control, without the need for expensive or complicated steam systems. This produces an atmospheric balance that is favourable for cooking. Where moisture is not required, for example for pastry or meringue, it’s released. Where moisture is required, for example for a roast, it’s maintained. There is no guesswork involved, no gadgets and no intervention.

A custom-designed refractory stone slab that sits into the base of the cavity enables you to cook as if it were a traditional stone oven. For artisanal baking, the dough will activate, rise and aerate perfectly with the contact heat of the stone.

Add to this, Smeg have a range of new Classic 45cm high compact ovens. There is a speed oven for fast nutritious meals after work, a combi-steam oven for a multitude of uses including gentle meal re-heating and healthy steam cooking, combination microwave with grill, steam oven and built-in coffee machine.

Smeg is a family-owned company with both headquarters and production kept exclusively in Italy.

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