In Feng Shui there is also always the question of balance‭. ‬Too much green can be overpowering‭, ‬so green foliage should also be balanced by white or beige colours‭, ‬this will have a purifying and harmonising effect‭.‬

Spring is a very important season in Feng Shui. It heralds the rising of the Yang energies and sets in motion your fortunes for the coming year. If you want to improve your fortune, its time to get started now.

Green leafy plants are an essential element in Feng Shui. Which plants and how they are arranged can dramatically change the indoor environment, especially during spring when the trend for the whole year can be influenced. Which plants bring good luck, which are to be avoided and how they bring good fortune throughout the year is an important topic within Feng Shui.


- Plants with broad, green leaves are a great choice. Good examples are the Money Plant (Pachira aquatica), Dripping Quanyin (Alocasia macrorrhizos) and orchids. 

- In 2017 love takes centre stage, correspondingly, the central position of your house relates to good fortune in your love life. Place bright coloured flowers like orchids or peonies in the centre of the house to enhance good fortune in your love life. Use this central part of the house to enhance relations with those you love.

- Small water features containing plants like water lilies or other floating water plants can increase good fortune when kept indoors. Water increases the life force of the plant and therefore enhances the positive effect.

- Adding other furnishings to the household that are decorated with plant motifs—cushions, rugs and wallpaper will create a nice atmosphere, help to enhance connections with love ones in your life and lead to good fortune.


- Avoid any stinging or climbing plants, as well as those that look strange or lifeless.

- Make sure you water indoor plants regularly as wilting or any other unhealthy states will negatively affect good fortune. 

- The ancient Chinese theory of the five elements holds that metal, wood, water, fire and earth make up the whole universe. The theory also has it that spring is of wood nature, so are green plants and the direction—east. Be careful not to group too many items with wood nature together lest we throw the environment out of balance. For example, too many plants on east side of a room, especially if the room has an east facing door can bring bad fortune.

- When using plants in the home, it should be noted that 'more is not always better'. Balconies for example should not be overly cluttered with plants. Too much foliage will block out natural light and have a negative effect.  

- In Feng Shui there is also always the question of balance. Too much green can be overpowering, so green foliage should also be balanced by white or beige colours, this will have a purifying and harmonising effect.