An easy 90 minute drive from Melbourne, Phillip Island is home to a host of natural attractions, wildlife, tempting local produce, exhilarating experiences and a wealth of accommodation options. 

Phillip Island is home to the world-famous Penguin Parade where visitors can see the Little Penguins on their nightly pilgrimage‭.‬‭ ‬The experience has been recently upgraded and visitors can now watch from a closer‭, ‬underground vantage point as they pass by at eye level‭. ‬

Another must see attraction is Phillip Island‮!&‬s Antarctic Journey‭ - ‬the world‮!&‬s first interactive Antarctic experience recently launched at The Nobbies in partnership with WWF-Australia‭. ‬

Thrill seeking nature lovers can jump on a Wild Oceans EcoBoat Adventure Tour with Phillip Island Nature Parks which weaves its‭ ‬way beyond the island‮!&‬s shores on a high speed tour of the rugged coastline‭. ‬Adventurers can expect encounters with the local Australian fur seal colony at‭ ‬

Seal Rocks along with spectacular views of the Summerland Peninsula‮!&‬s cliffs and the explosive blowhole at The Nobbies‭. ‬From June through to September nature there is the added possibility of a close encounter with migrating humpback whales‭.‬

Wildlife Coast Cruises provides a more leisurely two hour cruise to Seal Rocks and there‮!&‬s also scenic helicopter flights‭.‬

There are a variety of tranquil strolls amid gum-scented bushland trails or the panoramic track which threads its way around the‭ ‬magnificent headland at Cape Woolamai‭. ‬

Phillip Island is renowned as one of the most consistent and varied surf locations in Australia‭. ‬The swell is rarely too small to surf and depending on the swell size‭, ‬a sheltered break can be found on almost any wind‭. ‬

A host of operators offers classes in a an array of water sports including SUP Windsurf who‭  ‬run Stand Up Paddle Boarding‭, ‬windsurfing and surfing lessons for any level of water sport experience‭. ‬

Pioneer Kayaking offers a range of guided sea kayak tours and Outthere Outdoor Activities run an exciting range of ocean activities including surfing‭, ‬kayaking‭, ‬snorkelling and bodyboarding‭, ‬ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels‭. ‬

Fishing is an industry around the island‭, ‬with the fleet based at San Remo‭. ‬For the rod and line fisherman‭, ‬a pleasant day can be had tossing a line in from the jetties at Cowes‭, ‬Newhaven‭, ‬Rhyll and San Remo‭. ‬

Charter fishing expeditions depart from Rhyll and San Remo‭, ‬and hire boats are available from Rhyll and Cowes‭. ‬

Phillip Island serves up a delicious array of local food and wine and scattered about the island is a delicious selection of restaurants and cafes where local produce including Island meats‭, ‬local seafood‭, ‬trout‭, ‬bush tucker and sweet treats take centre stage‭. ‬

The island‮!&‬s cool climate‭, ‬rich volcanic soil and moderating influence of the sea provide the perfect environment for excellent‭ ‬wine‭, ‬as well as beautiful places to imbibe at a cellar door‭. ‬

Phillip Island has over 2000‭ ‬beds on offer and there is a range of properties all over the Island from the main township of Cowes to the seaside villages of Rhyll‭, ‬Smiths Beach and San Remo‭. ‬Visitors can take in breathtaking ocean views‭, ‬enjoy the plush seclusion of a restored heritage home or enjoy the atmosphere of seaside resorts‭, ‬backpacker style digs‭, ‬ocean front campgrounds‭, ‬contemporary apartments or cosy cabins by the beach‭.‬

For more information check out the official tourism site http‭://‬ and follow Phillip Island on social media via‭ ‬@phillipisland on Instagram and Twitter and https‭://‬ on Facebook‭. ‬