Star Landscaping Plants For Spring 

Are you looking to add some spring interest to your garden but don’t know where to start?

Here’s a list of landscaping plants that will bring your garden to life this spring.

1 / Spring is a time when everything begins to grow, including the weeds.  Now is the time to get on top of it. Remove existing weeds, dig in some compost and spread a nice thick layer of mulch across garden beds to suppress further weed growth.  

2 / There will be an increase in pests as the weather warms up so try to spot any problems early. Rub them off by hand and use organic methods early to stop them multiplying before they cause too much trouble. 

3 / Prune late winter and early spring flowering perennials in spring to keep them healthy and to encourage new growth. 

4 / Your lawn will also begin to grow in the warmth of spring. Start mowing and watering regularly to promote thick, lush coverage. Sharpen your mower blades, set them high to begin with and gradually lower the setting. The less you take off with each cut, the healthier your lawn will be.

5 / In most areas September is the time to start sowing summer and autumn flowering annuals. Plant summer flowing bulbs for the next few months for a succession of flowers.

6 / This is the last chance for the year to finish planting deciduous plants, shrubs and new fruit trees.

7 / Over the winter your potted plants will have laid down roots. Cut back any roots that are emerging from the drainage holes and repot root-bound plants into bigger pots.

8 / If your pond has become overgrown with plants, now is the time to trim back and clean out before new spring growth begins. 

Luke Hughes

Luke Hughes is a Horticulturist, Landscaper and Herbalist. As well as plants and architecture, he is enthusiastic about anything to do with about the great outdoors.