In April 2018‭, ‬Milan Design Week was held as scheduled‭, ‬bringing together top designers from around the world‭. ‬From this feast of high-profile design‭, ‬we’ve selected five designers’‭ ‬works to bring the inspiration of Milan to your spring home‭.‬

Experience hidden senses

Technology became one of the most popular elements in‭  ‬Milan Design Week‭, ‬lending this years’‭ ‬show a cold‭, ‬futuristic and science fiction feel‭. ‬

During Milan Design Week 2018, see, hear and feel hidden senses that inform your everyday life. The Sony ‘Hidden Senses’ Exhibition creates a sensorial experience where the relation between technology and human behavior is explored to envision an enriched lifestyle for a new tomorrow. Visitors will experience the incredible opportunities advancements offered up seamlessly, as the technology blends into a highly focused and attuned contextual space, full of familiar objects.


The idea of transforming traditionally flat surfaces‭, ‬like rugs‭, ‬into three dimensional ambiences came about through an idea from Mapi Millet‭, ‬which revolutionised the world of interior design team‭.‬

GAN Spaces came about from the revolutionary idea of taking the colourful designs of rugs and providing them with volume, thus creating modules and other accessories that become cohesive and customisable “spaces”. Now GAN takes another step forward with LAN, which transforms the concept into something completely new. LAN, created by the popular designer duo Neri&Hu, is a unique collection of rugs, seating modules and screens inspired by the Orient that goes far beyond a traditional sofa.


An unprecedented location hides one of the best kept secrets of the Salone‭, ‬Club Unseen‭, ‬the project-manifesto designed by Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto‭, ‬Creative Directors of Studiopepe‭, ‬during Milan Design Week 2018‭.‬

Club Unseen tells its tale by comparison between the contemporary world and memory, sartorial craftsmanship and digital content, public and private, in a unique, surprising signature set piece where the different forms of contemporary social interaction, from personalisation to authenticity of experience, all the way to the bond with the city, are interpreted through the design of an exclusive place to be shared with others.


The Australian design brand SP01‭ ‬recently entered the international stage and appeared at the Milan Design Week‭, ‬showcasing the‭ ‬interior furniture collection created by Milan‮!&‬s award-winning design studio Metrica and the outdoor collection by emerging Australian designer Tom Fereday‭.‬

The main display in Tortona showcased the newly launched collection by London-based industrial designer Tim Rundle and includes armchairs, mirrors and tables - all defined by a rich palette and luxe materiality. Each of the new pieces reflect the company’s place as a sophisticated new-comer to the design landscape, and possess an instantly identifiable aesthetic that captures the spirit of the Australian lifestyle and marries it with a global respect for artisanry and craftsmanship.