For travellers who regard Japan as one of their favourite destinations, Mount Fuji is frequently named a must-visit attraction, with the holy site enticing tourists from all around the world. Beneath Mount Fuji you will find Japan’s first boutique glamping resort: HOSHINOYA Fuji. Offering stunning views of Mount Fuji and the chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural surrounds, this unique experience is truly a tourist’s dream come true.

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and provides endless inspiration for local artists, playing a key role in the country’s artistic, cultural and historical legacy. According to Japanese literature, the name “Fuji” originates from an ancient legend that tells the tale of an old lumberjack who meets a tiny girl (just 3-inches in height) in the depths of the forest and decides to bring her home to raise her as his own. After three months the girl grows up, her beauty drawing the affection of countless young men including the Emperor of Japan. The emperor later finds out that the girl is a fairy who fell down to Earth and after three years she will return to the Temple of Heaven. To show her appreciation to the emperor, on her departure she gifts him with a powder that will make him immortal. However, the emperor misses the fairy so much that he burns the bag of powder, and with it, his chances of immortality. It is said that the fire continues to burn near the Temple of Heaven and the white smoke that emerges from the ‘immortal’ mountain all-year round is a symbol of their endless love. In Japanese, the word “immortal” has a similar pronunciation to “Fuji” and that is where the name “Mount Fuji” is derived. It is this romantic legend, alongside the mountain’s unparalleled beauty, that makes Mount Fuji such a sought after travel destination. 

The deciduous forests that cover the mountain change with the seasons, whilst the perennial snow-caps that crown the summit emanate a heavenly glow. If guests are fortunate enough to visit HOSHINOYA Fuji in the sakura season, they will be treated to a blanket of cherry blossoms that adorn the mountain, an unparalleled vista of Mount Fuji that can be seen from the guestroom windows. HOSHINOYA Fuji is located on a hill overlooking Lake Kawaguchi. With spectacular sunrise views of Mount Fuji at guest’s doorstep, you are given the freedom to leave the world behind and immerse yourself in the country’s peaceful surroundings. 

HOSHINOYA Fuji is a high-end resort inspired by the concept of the “glamping” experience. The origin of the term ‘glamping’ is derived from the combination of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’, describing the ideal luxury camping break. It seeks to bring guests closer to nature without having to compromise on comfort. The HOSHINOYA Fuji reception has been designed using transparent glass, and on arrival you can choose from a range of different coloured backpacks, each containing an individual camping kit: outdoor kettle, inflatable seating, mat, mosquito spray, telescope, outdoor torch and nibbles. As you leave the reception and follow the rural path to the top of the mountain, you will start to tune out your worries as you switch into camping mode and prepare for the adventure ahead. Various camping facilities are thoughtfully set out along the route, so you can stop off, take a nap on the hanging beds between the trees or catch up with a group of friends in one of the camps. The balconies make an excellent and serene spot for morning exercises, yoga or simply relaxing with a book and taking in the beauty. 

The cloud kitchen offers nightly al fresco dining in the forest. On top of the mountain you will find the library café: a cosy cabin with a warming fireplace. The outdoor camp livens up each night as guests sit around the campfire and enjoy breathtaking mountain views. In addition to the activities provided by the hotel, guests have the opportunity to take a boat out on the lake and experience the beauty of a misty morning. After lunch, guests are free to explore the forest on horseback, breathing in the mountain-fresh air and spending the day absorbing the local scenery. 

The HOSHINOYA Fuji camping experience is all about freedom and their approach to cuisine is no different. The hotel offers multiple dining experiences, each one catering for different guest requirements. You are free to make your own meals in the dining hall or order from the 24-hour kitchen and wait as experienced chefs prepare exquisite meals that will be delivered straight to your door. Also on offer is forest dining in the Cloud Kitchen where a chef will prepare camp-style cuisine. Special ingredients include abalone, mushrooms, seasonal vegetables, lobsters, mussels, lamb or beef and on occasion the guests will be invited to prepare their meals alongside the chefs. Imagine indulging in an exquisite meal, cooked by exclusive chefs, as you sip Japanese sake next to a campfire under the stars. Make sure you book in advance as the forest dining only caters for a limited number of guests! 

HOSHINOYA Fuji has forty guestrooms, two of which have wooden stoves. The cabins vary in size but each has windows that overlook Mount Fuji. The cabin is isolated to ensure privacy for all its guests, creating a calming oasis for guests to return to after a busy day of outdoor activities. The guestrooms channel the Japanese inspired minimalist design, inspiring a relaxed and calming environment for all. Essentials will be provided but devices such as televisions have been excluded to provide an escape from distractions. Every cabin has a balcony facing the mountain so that guests can enjoy breakfast in the morning sunshine or take an afternoon nap knowing that Mount Fuji is within arm’s reach. At night-time, the balconies transform beneath the moonlight, with each one fitted with its own fire pit that is perfect for hosting campfire parties with friends. Here, you are free to become one with nature, body and soul. As the crackling fire provides a backdrop to shared laughter amongst friends, the light reflects off Lake Kawaguchi as the mountain of endless love sits happily beside it. In this spiritual and magical haven, you will start to believe that dreams really do come true.