GUBI Marble Console

GUBI Marble Console

The main entry of a home is very important in feng shui because it is through this main doorway that chi‭, ‬or good energy is absorbed‭. ‬While a strong front door will attract strong energy‭, ‬good feng shui design for the main entry is required to ground and guide this energy further into the home‭. ‬

People who live in a house with good energy flow tend to experience higher levels of wellbeing. If the energy in the main entry is blocked, the house will not have enough chi to support your own personal energy.

Feng shui has plenty of tips on how to create  a strong front (or main) door. The next step is to be sure you have good feng shui in your main entry. Basically, this means having an entryway that welcomes and directs the flow of chi into the house rather than directing it away, or weakening it.

Implement the following steps along with the tips below for a strong main entry — they will only be effective when used together.

1. Find out the bagua area of your main entry and use the most appropriate colours and shapes to strengthen the chi in that area. Should you use red colour? Or maybe blue? Feng shui-wise, it all depends on the bagua area, so start with that.

2. Create a strong, welcoming "landing space" for good energy. Items like a modest side table with a small lamp placed on top, or a large round table placed in the centre of your hallway with a flower filled vase on top — there are lots of good decor choices that welcome chi, or energy into your home.

If space is limited, even a good quality main entry rug with vibrant colours, beautiful art or a painted feature wall can do the job.

3. Remedy all the potential "feng shui disasters" in the main entry. Below are some common feng shui challenges you may encounter in your main entry, along with some easy tips to help you out.

Mirror facing the main door

Staircase too close/facing the front door

Wall too close/blocking the flow from the front door

Bathroom over the main door

Look for creative feng shui decor remedies to let good energy into your home and be disciplined and consistent with your efforts to create better feng shui in your main entry. Some homes are easier to deal with than others, but remember, you are the one who chose your current living arrangements. Do your best with what you have, and better things will follow.