An Object of Memory

Traditional with a twist of modern, with a vibe as relaxed as its woven outdoor fibers, the new KETTAL Vimini collection of dining armchairs, sofas, and side tables is as open and easy-going as its designer, Patricia Urquiola.

After a conversation Patricia Urquiola had regarding Danish designer Nanna Ditzel and her Basket chair from the 1950s, she designed the Vimini outdoor collection for Kettal with the hope that their similarities might conjure up feelings of home. Overall, the collection is modern with moments of tradition that make it feel like an “object of memory”.

The basket-like structures of the seating inspired the Vimini name, which is Italian for ‘wicker’, as well as rhyming with Bimini, an island that Urquiola enjoys.

The pieces feature wooden frames with woven wicker basket-like seats that hold cushions for additional comfort. The collection includes sofas, dining chairs, and side tables.

“We called it Vimini because it means wicker in Italian and sounds like Bimini, an island I like,” is Urquiola’s simple explanation of the collection’s name. But, as is true with all fine luxury furniture, what looks deceptively easy is actually quite exacting to create. “We used just the right amount of outdoor wicker with a rougher wooden frame. It doesn’t have the same modernist spirit as the Basket, but it’s familiar enough that, when you get close, it stirs a memory and makes you feel at home. That’s what it was, more or less — an object of memory.”

Familiar yet new, fresh yet timeless, Vimini’s classic, laid-back appeal is as comfortable as it is stylish. The chair, which consists of a basket with large backrest cushions, has a modernist look from the back and sides, which perfectly balances the traditional feel of the braiding. The result is both light and utterly inviting.