Magnify The Concept Of Outdoor Furniture

Talenti, a leading italian company in the production of outdoor furniture, recently presented a preview of the new lines that will magnify the concept of outdoor furniture.

The new Cliff Collection signed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, is exhibits a fresh and assured style, in perfect line with the continuous experimentation of new languages by the Made in Italy company. The main outstanding feature of this collection is the ability to customize the product, summarized in the 2019 campaign 'Come tu mi vuoi': colours, fabrics and height of the backrests will be tailored to the wishes of the customer. The modular Cliff collection presents as a metal tubular frame, covered by woven textile material.

Another clue collection this year is Pascal, created by Marco Acerbis. This collection explores the world of metals that once worked, folded and shaped, can yield a sense of pleasant softness and unexpected lightness. The worked metal sheets seek to remind us of sails swelled by the wind.

The tactile nature of every material used in this collection is explored in great detail: a wooden armrest, warms and makes the overflow pleasant; the padding of cushions, wraps and hugs the user. A resistant and typically outdoor product that does not sacrifice functionality and aesthetics.

Also on display there was the Moon Collection, conceived by the talented Cristian Visentin. A collection that enchants not only for the originality of the style but also for the capability to modulate different design concepts.