Spring Issue 2017

Spring Issue 2017


Spring Issue 2017 of NEWLAND magazine plus FREE NATIONAL DELIVERY.

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Long, cold, Scandinavian winters that last up to nine months of the year have meant that Northern Europeans spend much of their time indoors.This has lead to innovative and unique concepts in indoor living, and trends that have in uence globally. Even in
a modern world the seasons profoundly in uence our lives and it is for this reason that New Land Magazine has transitioned to publishing quarterly—with the seasons.

The great outdoors is an essential part of the Australian way of life. A large part of
our culture involves the sun and surf.This is how we relate to our natural environment. Moving forward, New Land will be exploring how we relate to our outdoor spaces.

“Green plums have become as large as peas; Curved like women’s brows are willow trees.The days are longer; the weather, fair. Butter ies are ying, here and there.”
This is one of my favourite descriptions of springtime, written by a poet in ancient China.The ancients understood the changing of the seasons by observing their natural environment—the length of the days or even the changing colour of the river water. Things may have changed since then, but we still observe the natural cycles. In this issue we look at how to accessorise our homes for spring and visit a designer home in Palm Springs, California.We joined the 2017 Milan Design Week to bring back the latest trends and innovation to inspire you this spring.