Summer Issue 2017

Summer Issue 2017


Summer Issue 2017 of NEWLAND magazine plus FREE NATIONAL DELIVERY.

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While Europe brings out its collective winter coat, here in the southern hemisphere we usher in summer with a look at all things outdoorsy. We’ve gathered together a spectacular issue to inspire all the creativity you need to transform your home and lifestyle this summer. 

We take a look at an exquisite summer residence near the perfect wave at Cape Saint Francis, present the latest in outdoor furniture trends in our Seasonal Home Guide, and visit Chippendale—one of Sydney’s hippest inner-city foodie destinations. 

Award-winning Australian designers offer first-hand insights into their projects. Adam Goodrum talks about evoking those feelings of the typical Australian lifestyle through his latest collection, and Matt Cantwell of Secret Gardens of Sydney walks us through one of his favourite inner-city courtyard gardens.

Finally, what summer would be complete without exploring the stunning natural beauty and culinary delights of Byron Bay!