Autumn Issue 2018

Autumn Issue 2018


Autumn Issue 2018 of NEWLAND magazine plus FREE NATIONAL DELIVERY.

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The significance of Easter means something different to each of us, but its universal themes of renewal, fertility, nature and the continuity of life remain a time-honoured cause to celebrate with family and friends (and of course, eat copious amounts of chocolate). 

The Easter festival also ignites creativity: a beautifully set table, handmade crafts and conversation-starting displays bring a fresh, seasonal charm to the home. While bunnies and eggs – the ancient customary symbols of Easter – will always have a place on the decorating checklist, the mood has turned from pastels and bunting to a more authentic, serene aesthetic inspired by natural curiosities, desaturated colours, personalised vignettes and the spirit of hunting and gathering.

This season we turn our attention to outdoor dining settings and explore the importance of having a sense of ceremony around mealtimes. Through this journey we hope to infuse some special moments into your families daily routine, whether it’s an official holiday or not. Meanwhile we travel to Margaret River in Western Australia and Plettenberg Bay in South Africa to explore how designers are skillfully integrating modern architecture into different and unique natural surroundings, and bringing out the best in both. We believe that a sense of awe and admiration for the natural world can lead better design, a more appealing lifestyle and a greater sense of satisfaction.