Winter Issue 2018

Winter Issue 2018


Autumn Issue 2018 of NEWLAND magazine plus FREE NATIONAL DELIVERY.

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When it comes to winter, the need to stay warm becomes a basic daily necessity. A cup of hot coffee, a warm scarf, a lamp radiating a warm yellow light... these are the essential elements of a comfortable winter season. The cold inevitably drives us indoors and turns our attention to home comforts and furnishings. In this issue we explore the essentials for making winter living a pleasure.

The most important inspiration for home furnishing this season comes from colour and light. If you are looking for inspiration, check out our feature on the pink apartment in Barcelona, or the minimalist pavilion in Cape Town. Life changes with the seasons and perhaps the best way to embrace these changes is to use our creativity to adapt accordingly.  

Let’s not forget Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. Australians traditionally give their mums a bunch of chrysanthemums on this day as a symbol of love and gratitude. We have prepared a gift list for you this issue in case you want to give your mum a special surprise.